Confessions of a reluctant runner, Part 11. Resolute running.

Ah, New Year’s Day. What better way to start off the new year than with a run. This morning I participated in my fourth annual Resolution Run. It was a brisk morning, more so than it has been for about a month. As we were preparing to start the announcement was repeated several times that the conditions on the roads were very icy, so we were encouraged not to try for a personal best. Just as well, I wasn’t planning to do that anyway. No, this was more about getting out and making the commitment to show up; it was New Year’s Day after all, even if it was 11:00 and 5 km. With this in mind I’d like to share the highlights of my run. First we sang O Canada at the start line. That was a classy touch. There was no musical accompaniment either, we just all sang; it was a moment. Then there was the run itself. It was pleasant, though slippery as forewarned. The runners I passed, indeed the ones who passed me seemed to be having a good time on the roads, despite the ice and the wind that had picked up. After I had finished the run I decided to stay around the finish line and cheer the rest of participants in. It was while I was doing this that I realized something important. Here was a large group of people of very different abilities; some seasoned runners, some maybe out for the first or second time ever; all out here on New Year’s Day because they had made a similar commitment. This was, for me, the best part of the event. Seeing individuals and groups crossing the finish line in the spirit of participation, or, as this is Canada, should I say Participaction (shout out to Hal and Joanne). Therefore, I once again start off the new year bolstered by my fellow resolution runners to renew a commitment I made. I invite you to do the same, whatever your commitment may be.


Talk about a deadline, in which I make a lame attempt to cram in a New Year’s post

Well here it is; the thirty-first of December, two-thousand and eleven and I’m scrambling to get a blog post together. If nothing else, it’s indicative of the year that has passed; kind of scrambly.

This past year has had some major events come to pass. We took out first family trip to Disneyland and experienced the joy of our four-year-old daughter spending the day as a princess, and the horror of our two-year-old son on on a plane, on a bus, and in the queue. We also experienced the love of a good friend who came with us to give us a hand.

This autumn, our daughter started Kindergarten. It has been amazing to see her transformation in the past few months. Something has definitely been awakened within her, and I feel most confident for her future. Subsequently, we have reached a few parental milestones such as first progress report, first parent-teacher conference, and first Christmas concert.

As well, our son has seen a certain blooming as of late. The words are coming along, and he is more able to express himself with the increased vocabulary, even though a simple request for cereal in the morning translates into, “A-bowl-a-bowl-a-bowl-a-bowl!…” He was quick to change to his “big boy bed” this year, and had shown himself very early on to be quite reliable not to tumble out of it. However, we did find it necessary to restrict access out of his room as this year he had also mastered the doorknob.

This September also saw myself changing positions within the library; from relatively isolated Cataloguer on the Fourth Floor to very public Library Assistant in the Children’s Library on the Main Floor. This is a change that I am still adjusting to, but I am getting more and more comfortable with each programme I deliver.

As the New Year quickly approaches, I find myself somewhat indifferent; not about the future, but about New Year’s in general, hence this hasty, last minute post. More and more I find it to be a arbitrary date, which of course it is; anyone living in Canada can attest to the fact that one month into winter is a ridiculous time to celebrate a new year. Why not in the spring when life for this particular corner of the globe actually begins anew? Even though I’m not particularly big on New Year’s I did have a great Christmas, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything big. Maybe when the kids get a little older I’ll rediscover the excitement of New Year’s, but until then I see it as a day off, and in the case of this year’s, an additional day off in lieu. Hooray!

Where does that leave me come New Year’s day? Same place I’ve been the past four years, running 5 Km in the annual Resolution Run. Not particularly exciting I know, but it’s my little attempt at a personal renewal this time of year; the dinners are finished, the cookies and treats have whittled down, it’s time to get my overstuffed arse back on track…

… just like last year.