Summer of Selfies

This past summer our family didn’t go an any big road trips, hop on any planes; or cruise on any ships. What we did do was have a wonderful adventure in our beautiful city and province. Spearheaded by my wife, Allison, we spent our two weeks of vacation traveling around Edmonton, visiting many city parks, playgrounds, and splash parks. We took some side trips to places like Drumheller and Hinton, but for the most part we were staycationing it up in good ol’ YEG. As a way of documenting our days, we took a family selfie for each day. Some were easy, some needed a little (read: a lot) of coaxing, but in the end, we created a unique visual record of our summer. There were some days that were non-stop activities, while others were a simple picnic in a park, but either way we had a vacation filled with fun, beautiful weather, and lots of love.

As any Edmontonian will tell you, it’s easy to get down on ourselves; as easy as a Canadian saying, “sorry.” I was one of those people, too, but more and more I am finding pride in our city. We have wonderful playgrounds, many of them erected through the hard work and dedication of our wonderful community leagues. We have great green spaces and free or low-cost programmes provided by the City, and even if you decide to go outside the city, there are many spectacular places that are a day’s drive away. Thanks to my wife and family for a great summer, and thanks to my city for continuing to reach for greatness while remaining grounded to the community.

Day 1
Day 1 – International Street Performers Festival, Churchill Square, Edmonton
Day 2
Day 2 – Kids’ DIY Project, Skyview Home Depot, Edmonton
Day 3
Day 3 – Picnic, Borden Park, Edmonton
Day 4
Day 4 – New blue doors, Chinery House, Edmonton
Day 5
Day 5 – Picnic, Kinsmen Park, Edmonton
Day 6
Day 6 – Dinosaurs! Royal Tyrrell Museum, Drumheller
Day 7
Day 7 – Nap, Chinery House, Edmonton
Day 8
Day 8 – Auntie Gordine’s House, Hinton
Day 9
Day 9 – Famdamily selfie, Wild Mountain Music Festival, Hinton
Day 10
Day 10 – Dancing to Delhi to Dublin, Wild Mountain Music Festival, Hinton
Day 11
Day 11 – Hanging out with Jasper the Bear (the smaller one), Jasper
Day 12
Day 12 – Spray park, Jackie Parker Park, Edmonton
Day 13
Day 13 – Poolside, Fred Broadstock Pool, Edmonton
Day 14
Day 14 – Spray park, Sherbrooke Park, Edmonton
Day 15
Day 15 – Rainy day, Chinery House, Edmonton
Day 16
Day 16 – In the boot, Wedgewood, Edmonton
Day 17
Day 17 – Going out in style, Chinery House, Edmonton
Day 17b
Day 17b – Party’s over, Chinery House, Edmonton

The long and winding road, in which my iPhone becomes an ad hoc dashboard cam

I love the mountains. I love visiting them; I love walking by them; I love driving through them.

This year for our vacation the family hopped in the van and drove from Edmonton to Calgary, Alberta to visit my sister and then on to Kelowna, British Columbia. After a four days in Kelowna, we headed up to Hinton, Alberta to visit more family and then back home to Edmonton. A lot of driving was done, including a 15 hour marathon drive through the Canadian Rocky Mountains along the Icefields Parkway (not recommended). As we initially approached the Rockies on our way to Kelowna, I decided to take a couple of photos of the mountains ahead of us. I’m not sure what made me decide to continue, but what follows is a driver’s eye view of our journey.

What is not included are the delightful sounds of the two young children in the back.