Talk about a deadline (addendum)

… or perhaps I should say, erratum, as I went and ended the year two thousand and eleven with a cock up.

This is my wife; my beautiful wife; my amazing wife; this is Allison; and I had neglected to mention her in my year-end post. Granted, I had done the post on the fly, but that does not excuse this omission, and here’s why. If you’ll look at this photo, you’ll see Allison using her iPhone to take a photo (in this case it’s a photo of my daughter after her Christmas concert). My wife uses her iPhone a lot. This is not a complaint; this is an admission of my incompetence. You see, she puts much effort and time keeping our family’s life in order. She is on her iPhone quite a bit marking dates, arranging programmes, searching for savings, and communicating with the many parties that effect our household; and while Allison uses her iPhone as her PDA, I in turn rely on her as my organizer, planner, and memory bank, in addition to being my best friend, mother of our children, and the love of my life.

Recently I have acquired my own iPhone, and I hope that this will aid in my ability to manage my life better. However, I am almost certain that I will continue to rely on my wife’s organizational skills and tireless effort to keep the family running.

I seemed to have ended the year as an arse. I hope not to start the new year as one as well.